国际英语新闻:Zhangjiakou to revise plans for 2022 Winter Olympics

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Photo taken on July 29th, 2017 shows the Wanlong Ski Resort in Chongli District of Zhangjiakou City, north China's Hebei Province. Two years after Beijing and Zhangjiakou successfully bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, Chongli District, where most skiing events will be held, experienced a busy and colorful summer. (Xinhua/Yang Shiyao)Zhangjiakou city in North China's Hebei province, which will co-host the 24th Winter Olympics in 2022 with Beijing, is to revise all the city's existing contingency plans before June next year, in order to ensure a smooth preparation for the forthcoming sports events.The city will review all its experiences during the past decade in handling various emergencies and then improve them, so that it can resolve any possible problems during the games, such as extreme weather like heavy winds and snowfall as well as traffic congestion, according to the Zhangjiakou Emergency Management Bureau.Measures for handling emergencies during the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics will be used for reference.The city will also find out the main risks in the preparation work for the Winter Olympics, assess other potential risks and establish a thorough emergency-management system.The city's Chongli district, about 220 kilometers northwest of Beijing, will host most snow events of the 2022 Winter Olympics.A total of 51 Winter Olympic events and 48 Paralympic events will be held in the region, including snowboarding and ski jumping, said Lyu Guoxin, deputy heady of the Hebei provincial preparatory office for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, according to China Youth Daily.All kinds of preparations are underway in the city, including the construction of related infrastructure, ecological construction and related services work."Four competition venues for the games will be completed in May next year," Lyu said.


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